How does learning shape the world?

What kind of higher education nourishes human and community flourishing?

How can higher education create a deeper awareness, understanding and kinship to the rest of the natural world?

Enlivened Learning is a journey to explore these questions – and, to learn from and document the silent revolution that is happening in higher education around the world, that is for the most part, unseen in the media.

We are seeing that as educational institutions become increasingly profit-driven and bureaucratic, other, innovative spaces of learning are emerging outside mainstream universities and colleges. These innovative initiatives are challenging what it means to learn and how knowledge is created.

Born from social/ecological movements and indigenous communities, these higher education places are creatively addressing the questions – what is a university for? and what knowledges are important for us to creatively address the challenges we face today?

The answers these places provide transforms people and communities through a process we are calling enlivened learning. Individuals learning in these places are connecting with their passion and creativity. They are engaging with community, land, history and culture.

The nourishing connections that enlivened learning encourage, offer hope and imagination, offering different possibilities for re-imagining higher education. We feel this is an important and timely story to tell.

The map below has information about the places we have visited and hope to visit.

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Along this journey, we are sharing our experiences through this website, through writing, photography and a documentary film we are in the process of creating. We are also connecting these places and the people we encounter along the way.

In this blog space we exchange stories, experiences, ideas, inspirations and resources (websites, literature and film).  For a fuller account of this project and to learn more about who we are see the About tab above.

In this site you can find our posts and images from our journey (the most recent ones below) or else according to date and place or theme. Also found here is a range of resources such as maps, links and books that relate to the places and themes we are learning. We will soon be adding videos of these places and of conversations we have had we the amazing people we have been privileged to meet and learn much from along the way.

Here is a short video we made about what we have been learning called Challenging Enlivened Learning which was screened at TedX Bath on 9th February, 2013. If the themes and experiences we express here resonate with you and you would like to join the conversation we would love to hear from you.

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