References for Mexico (related to our visit to Unitierra – Oaxaca and Chiapas)

More information about Unitierra – Universidad de la Tierra

Unitierra – Oaxaca

Blog/website of Unitierra-Oaxaca –

Ediciones !Basta!, 2009, Universidad de la Tierra en Oaxaca, A.C. (is an autonomous effort of an independent group of people and organisations), Creative Commons :)

Download here:

Gustavo Esteva, 2007, Reclaiming our Freedom to Learn, Yes magazine

Deborah Frieze and Margaret Wheatley, 2010, Walk Out, Walk On:  A Learning Journey into Communities Daring to Live the Future Now (this is a book with many examples – there is a chapter on Unitierra which is brilliant).  Their blog provides further information about Unitierra here:


Blog/website Unitierra CIDECI – Chiapas –

Interview with Raymundo Sanchez Barraza:  A University without Shoes, InMotion Magazine, 2005

Ivan Illich

There is a substantial “Ivan Illich Reader” which is only available in Spanish

Bit of background on Ivan Illich and briefly explaining his key ideas and some key writings

website listing all Illich literature – many writings available here

Key references that we have been using by and about Ivan Illich:

Ivan Illich, De-Schooling Society, 1970, Harrow Books

Ivan Illich, Tools for Conviviality, 1973, Harper & Row

Ivan Illich, Text and University – on the idea and history of a unique institution (A translation by Lee Hoinacki of the keynote address delivered at the Bremen Rathaus, September 23, 1991, on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the founding of the University of Bremen)

Ivan Illich, 1990, Needs

Ivan Illich, 1980, Shadow Work, Philsophica 26, pp. 7-46

Lee Hoinacki and Carl Mitcham, 2002, The Challenges of Ivan Illich: A Collective Reflection, State University of New York Pres, NY, USA

Gustavo Esteva

Gustavo’s blog (full list of his writings here):

Interview with Gustavo Esteva:  (Part 2): We are People of Corn: Life, Metaphor, Autonomy, InMotion Magazine

Autobiography excerpts from Gustavo (Back from the Future):

Madhu Prakash and Gustavo Esteva (1998) Escaping Education:  Living as Learning within Grassroots Cultures, Peter Lang: New York

Articles on Maize and Milpa:

Peter Canby, July 5, 2010, Return to Subsistence, The Nation,

Alfredo Acedo, November 2012, The Fight for Corn, The Americas Program

Campaigns for the sustainability of milpa and native species of maize  (all in Spanish)

Viva la Milpa! Travelling art and awareness building campaign:

The Milpa Project – photography exhibit and campaign –

Agroecology case study on Milpas –

International Peasant’s Movement – La Via Campesina

Public Lecture by Eric Holt Gimenez (Director of Food First) – Food Movements, Agroecology and the Future of Food and Farming

Other Key References:

Cesar Añorve, 2004, The ABCs of Ecological Sanitation, Centre for Innovation in Alternative Technology A.C., Mexico

See Cesar’s website:

John Holloway, How to Change the World without Taking Power – available here:

Guillermo Bonfil Batalla, 2007, Mexico Profundo:  Reclaiming a Civilization, translation by Philip Dennis, 7th Edition, University of Texas Press:  Austin, TX, USA

Eduardo Galeano, 2009, Open Veins of Latin America:  Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent, translated by Cedric Belfrage, 3rd edition, Monthly Review Press: Croydon, UK

Lois Meyer and Benjamin Maldonado Alvarado, 2010, New World of Indigenous Resistance:  Noam Chomsky and Voices from North, South, and Central America, City Lights Press:  San Francisco, CA, USA

El Kilombo Intergalactico, 2007, Beyond Resistance:  Everything – An Interview with Subcomandante Marcos, Paperboat Press: Durham, NC, USA

Gloria Rumoz Ramirez, 2008, The Fire and the Word: A History of the Zapatistas, City Lights Press: San Francisco, CA, USA

Diana Denham and the C.A.S.A. Collective, 2007, Teaching Rebellion: Stories from the Grassroots, PM Press: Oakland, CA, USA

Jessica French Smith, 2008, “The Separation between Shit and State” Water Sovereignty and the New Commons in Cuernavaca, Mexico, Dissertation submitted to Wesleyan University, USA (this is freely downloadable online)

Wolfgang Sachs, 2007, The Development Dictionary:  A Guide to Knowledge as Power —

“Development” (chapter 1) by Gustavo Esteva

“Needs” (Chapter 6) by Ivan Illich

“Participation” (chapter 8) by Majid Rahnema

“Resources” (chapter 14) by Vandana Shiva

“State” (chapter 18) by Ashis Nandy


Cronicas Rebelde Zapatista –

(Spanish with German subtitles)

A Place called Chiapas – available on youtube:

Flow:  For the Love of Water – available here –

The World According to Monsanto – available here –