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We thought it was about time to write another update. We are still catching up with our experiences from our travels in this blog whilst on the road. Our writing will be moving between Brazil and Chile for the next posts. In the meantime we have left the Americas and crossed the Pacific to Australia and New Zealand. Our commitment to openness on this journey has led us to unexpected and beautiful new experiences in Australia and New Zealand already with wonderful new friends.

Where we are
A couple of weeks ago in Byron Bay, just south of the Gold Coast in Australia, we took part in the Economics of Happiness conference (15-17 March) meeting many inspiring people active in various countries engaged in thinking and developing practices and projects around localisation in terms of food production, economic and financial systems, community development and education. We helped facilitate a workshop, Alternatives to Schooling, with our friend Manish Jain, who co-founded Shikshantar (2000) and Swaraj University (2009) in Udaipur, India, (we will visit Manish and Swaraj University in June), and with Julie Gassner who is a senior teacher at Kinma an alternative school in Sydney (we will also visit her and Kinma at the end of April). We will write more about the Economics of Happiness conference soon. We have been invited to visit a number of people and initiatives through our participation at this gathering in Australia, New Zealand and Thailand.

Here in Australia, and New Zealand, we will also be visiting a number of people and initiatives which we will write about soon. Also, we have been invited to give a seminar on our project at Monash University in Melbourne on the 17th of April. The title of the seminar is Re-imagining the University as Emergent from Place. And, we will be visiting the Aobriginal Arnhem lands northeast of Darwin for 6 days to visit and learn from the Yirrkala Arts Centre and Buku Larrngay Mulka Project (Buku Larrngay means “the first rays of the sun on your face at sunrise” in Yolngu and Mulka means “a sacred but public ceremony” also in Yolngu, one of the local Aborigine communities).

Update on the Documentary
We are getting to the stage of our journey where we are planning the next stages of the project. One key element in our travels has been the documentary we are making. We have gathered over 60 hours of footage and about 30 interviews with students, teachers, and others involved in initiatives or in the educational field across these different countries. We will be visiting several other places and filming much more over the next few months. Following the end of our journey we will need about five months of editing, translating and postproduction before releasing the film. Given that we are entirely self-funded for this trip we thought we would launch a crowdfunding campaign to help us finish the film. This means we will put our project out there (on the site) and hope that people who are interested will join us on this project. We hope to start this campaign in the middle of May and will put more information about this over the next few weeks. We would love to have your help in this and spreading the word. If there is anyone keen on helping us (fund-raising, with the documentary, any aspect of this blog website or any other part of this journey) do get in touch. We are getting together a team of editors, translators, transcribers, musicians, sound mixers, web designers and programmers so we are very keen to hear from you if you are keen!