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Our journey has met, experienced and reflected on different forms of de-institutionalisation and de-professionalism, with other ways of practicing teaching and learning. Now we are experimenting with how this might apply to obtaining resources, through a gift economy, for learning, writing and filmmaking and communicating. We are launching a crowd-funding campaign on indiegogo to raise funds to finish the documentary we have been making along our journey. We have also added some perks such as high resolution downloads of the film and extra features when we have finished the documentary, photographic prints from a selection of our best photos in this journey and a silk screen print made by the team.

We passionately believe in the importance of this project and up to this point, have funded ourselves. However, to complete the documentary we need a further $25,000 – for remaining travel expenses and basic living expenses during editing for our team.

We have 6 months left of our journey and will visit more inspiring initiatives and people in India, Europe and the US. To do this we need to cover costs related to travel and expenses. Once we have completed shooting, we will need at least 5 months to edit over 100 hours of material (spoken in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Hindi). In this period we will be working with another editor, a post-production designer, a sound mixer, composer and a web designer. We will also be working with a team of transcribers and translators in the initial languages stated above.

All of this requires funding to at least cover travel and basic living expenses of the team which we have budgeted at $25,000. All these people, including ourselves, are gifting their time (in other words, not receiving a salary) as we all believe in the purpose of the project. Our intention is to encourage accessible and critical debate on education around the world and open up imaginative possibilities of what learning can be. Any funds contributed will be supporting us in this process.

We are also taking this crowdfunding experience as another aspect of the journey, of how to engage with resources and money in a more creative way. We hope we reach our target of raising $25,000 in 40 days, which we have budgeted is what we and the whole team would need to finish the documentary by next May and make available for free online on a new specially created website. But whatever happens we have been learning a lot in the process! I am sure we will have much more to write about regarding this.

Distribution of the film

The film Enlivened Learning will be distributed (freely or by donation) online through a project website and we also plan to screen the film across a number of international locations and festivals. We will translate the film into English, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi and other languages, depending on request. Our intention is to encourage accessible and critical debate on education around the world and open up imaginative possibilities of what learning can be. Any funds we gain through indiegogo will be supporting us and the rest of the team in this process.

How else you can help

We are very keen to have people joining this inter-cultural conversation on what kind of education we, our communities and our planet needs. We understand if financial contribution is not possible at this time. You can help us to get the message out about this film and check out our website and get in touch with us if you want to help out in any way. We are always happy to meet more kindred and creative folk. We’d love to hear from you!