Here are some other co-travellers on this journey who have been contributing in a number of ways to the project and learning together. We hope to have more co-travellers along the way, so if you are interested get in touch with us!

Marina Leitner

I have lived almost all my life in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I studied Education Science. In August 2010 I moved to Bath, UK, to do a masters program. There I met Kelly, who was in fact the lecturer (teacher) of one of the courses. When I returned to Buenos Aires I was luckily still in contact with her, so at the end of 2012 she told me about Enlivened Learning and offered me to join her and Udi. It was a little bit of a crazy decision at that time cause I didn’t really know them: she was just a cool teacher and Udi her husband, but it turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have travelled with them in Brazil, Argentina and India and have experienced what learning enlivenedly really is. The journey has changed my views about education but also about society, reality and the world. The experiences I lived with them, the very different people we met and our discussions have in summary changed me and my objectives in life. Nowadays I am still involved in Enlivened Learning virtually and work as pedagogic coordinator at a new alternative high school in Buenos Aires. I hope to join them again in person very soon.


Ali Hodgson

AliH I am a freelance artist/illustrator/designer/thinker and graduate of the Royal Collage of Art in London. Currently living in Brighton (UK) I am interested in the development and research of communication strategies for dealing with complex social issues, the psychology of transformation, ecological literacy, education and advocating the role of inclusive design to the wider public. The vehicles I create to work with these issues can be anything from a narrative, a map, a social enterprise or a game. I strive to find the ‘Profound Simplicity’ that allows us to develop creative, resilient and adaptive solu tions amongst complexity. I also have a background in psychology, systems science and visual thinking techniques and am currently studying the therapeutic role of storytelling. Joining the Enlivened Learning team has been a wonderful opportunity to meet and work with like-minded souls all over the world who are also passionate about exploring what true learning really means and could become. Visually it has also given me a platform to indulge my curiosity in indigenous artwork, creating posters and animation for the film, but ultimately I am most interested in how we can all find better ways of living and being together on this amazing planet! For more of my work please visit:

Madhur Anand

1-week 1_109NIKON_IMG_5159 Namaste! I live in Bhopal, India. I was born in Jodhpur, Rajasthan (some of the best sweets in the country) and brought up in several cities in India. When I finished my high school two years back, I wanted to look for learning outside the conventional college. At that point I discovered and joined Swaraj University, which was a place of such learners who were charting their own path. Since then, I have been learning and working with filmmaking, facilitation of learning spaces and travelling around the country to find things that interest me. I joined with Enlivened Learning in September 2013 when, Kelly, Udi and Marina came to Swaraj. I love the co-creative and international nature of this and have had truly enlivened learning  experience. I am interested in experiments with different mediums of storytelling. One such project I’m part of is The Kahani project. I believe that most imaginative ideas do not fit into existing frameworks and to make them work we need to relook the story of the world around us. And I wish to develop the creative confidence in me and people around for doing that. I am interested in living close to nature, fiddling with flute, cooking desserts, magical realism, instrumental music, massage, offbeat traveling, Animation, zero-waste and paper planes.

Juan Carlos Anadón Freiwald

brownie Hi enlivened learning family! I was born in Argentina and then moved to Spain when I was 9 years old. I studied Sociology in the University of Salamanca, Spain, and then an International Development Masters course in the University of Bath, England. Now I am working in Medellín, Colombia in and NGO, where we implement social education campaings, seeking cultural change for a better coexistance and peace. I am excited I can be part of this and I am passionate about education and alternative ways of learning. Hopefully working with you guys I will keep on unlearning/learning and freeing my mind in order to find a different way of producing knowledge. I am fluent in spanish and english and I am taking french lessons at the moment.